OEM Compressors and Vacuum Pump
  • Flexible engineering & modification
  • Short lead times – days not weeks
  • On time delivery, period
  • Private labeling
  • Inventory reduction with Lean & Kanban
A Better Alternative for OEM Compressors and Vacuum Pumps
Engineering and Design

Rapid Prototyping

TruNorth designs compressors and vacuum pumps to your precise specifications for your OEM product. We offer rapid prototyping and turnkey project management.


We design for cost. For most products, we offer a two week sample lead time. We design compressor flows up to 10 CFM, compressor pressure to 160 PSI, and vacuum level to 29"Hg.

Pump and compressor manufacturing

On-Time Delivery

We manufacture your compressor and vacuum pumps on budget and on schedule when you need them.


Whether you need 100 or 10,000 compressors manufactured per year we will get it done for you. We have an absolute commitment to on-time delivery.


We use a one-piece flow assembly. All of our pumps are designed for your products.

Pump and Compressor sales support

Pumps to Specification

Our sales process is designed to help you find the compressor or pump perfect for the product you are manufacturing. Most compressor and vacuum pump manufacturing companies make you design your products to accommodate their pumps. We do the opposite. We design our pumps to fit your products. We can customize the input/output ports, flow (0 to 10 CFM), pressure (0 to 160 PSI), vacuum up to 29" Hg, and more.

Pump and Compressor service and repair support

Fast Product Support

We design and manufacture our oil-less compressor and vacuum pumps to be maintenance free and have a very long life where no service is necessary.


However if any issue with your compressor or pump should arise, we quickly service them. Our technicians are ready to help get your products up and running as quickly as possible.

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Designed, Machined, AND Assembled in the USA

Air Compressor and Vacuum Pump Manufacturer Company

Oil-less Compressor Pumps Custom Built to the Specifications of Your OEM Products

TruNorth Components specializes in creating fractional horsepower (0-.9 HP) air compressors and vacuum pumps for small to medium sized original equipment manufacturers (OEM). We focus on quality customer service with a personal touch. We will understand your business, understand the needs of your product, and deliver customized air compressors and vacuum pumps on time and on budget.

TruNorth Delivers:

  • Flexible engineering & modification
  • Short lead times – days not weeks
  • On time shipment, period
  • Private labeling
  • Inventory reduction with Lean & Kanban

Customize Air Compressor/Vacuum Pumps for Your Products

Being the best air compressor and vacuum pump manufacturer starts with meeting the demands of your product, achieved through the customization of:

The majority of our compressors and air pumps utilize single stage unitary piston (wobble) technology. In many cases, the diaphragm pump you used in the past can be replaced with a unitary piston/wobble pump. As experts in our craft we will deliver your vacuum pump or air compressor to your precise engineering specifications.

Compressors and Pumps for Unlimited Applications

Fractional horsepower air compressors and vacuum pumps (0-.9 HP) offered by TruNorth Components work in a virtually unlimited number of applications. Whether you need it for your welding machine, plasma cutter, gas analyzer, beverage dispensing machine, or blood pressure monitor we make the compressor or vacuum pump perfect for your product, delivering the pump you need when you need it.

TruNorth compressor pumps are designed with lasting quality. Our pumps are designed using maintenance free oil-less wobble pump technology. These work for virtually any application where small pumps or compressors are required.

Five Series of Customizable Vacuum Pumps

Maintenance Free Air Compressors and Pumps Built to Last

TruNorth air compressors and pumps are durable, reliable, and maintenance free. We create a customized solution, perfect for your product. Here are just a few benefits our clients expect from us:

  • Two week sample lead time
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Design for manufacturer
  • Design for cost
  • Absolute commitment to on-time delivery
  • One-piece flow assembly
  • New product development and turnkey project management
  • Solidworks computer aided design and manufacture 

We have over 80+ years of combined experience in manufacturing quality vacuum pumps and air compressors. TruNorth Components will create solutions for the most challenging of products.

Call our Plymouth Wisconsin facility today to speak with a compressor pump manufacturer who has the knowledge and experience to give you the best option for your unique product.