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30 to 50 PSI Compressor Pumps

30 to 50 PSI Custom Oilless Air Compressors
Specify Custom 30 PSI to 50 PSI Oil-less Air Compressor


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Custom Oil-Less Fractional Horsepower Air Compressors

TruNorth will customize your air compressor and vacuum pumps. Below are examples of pumps designed with a PSI of 30 to 50 PSI.

Most companies make clients customize their arcade games to a style of pump. The expert engineers at TruNorth Components customize quality pumps to suit your needs. Our customizable options include varying levels of PSI and CFM, and varying voltage levels. We offer differing intensities of vacuum capability, and adjustable inlet/outlet placement. Choosing the best combination of components for your air compression pump dramatically increases the effectiveness and ability of your arcade game or vacuum holding mechanism.  

Custom 30-50 PSI Air Compressors are Engineered with Unrivaled Precision

Our quality air compressor pumps are oil-less, electrically safe, and made of corrosive resistant materials. This aids our excellent products in being maintenance-free. Our fractional horsepower pumps also feature low energy consumption and low operating temperatures. All of these elements combine to bring you a quality air compressor pump with a long, service-free life span. We create custom pumps with precise and varying PSI specs: 30, 35 PSI, 40 PSI, 45 PSI—you name it, we'll make it.

Our professional specialists are happy to create virtually any variation of pump based on individual customer’s needs and unique specifications! Our quality products are made on budget and are delivered on time – our commitment is to our customers. We design products for manufacture and for cost effective quality. With rapid prototyping and follow through, we offer customers unparalleled flexibility and responsiveness. Each of our excellent air pump compressors is designed, manufactured, sold and supported from our Plymouth Wisconsin facilities.

Oil-Less Air Compressor Pump

Our custom vacuum pump manufacturing company offers custom 30 to 50 PSI oilless air compressors for several OEM applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Customizable
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Oil-less Fractional Horsepower
  • Electronically safe
  • Low Operating Temperatures
  • Low Energy Consumption 
  • Maintenance free, with a long, service-free life


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