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Air Compressor and Vacuum Pump Company Founders

Delivering the best OEM compressors and vacuum pumps for your timeline and budget starts with having the experience necessary for understanding your needs. With more than 80+ combined years of experience gained exclusively in the fractional horsepower OEM compressor and vacuum pump industry, TruNorth Components knows what it takes to deliver a quality product to its valued customers. All of our pumps are maintenance free with a long service free life. Our air compressor and vacuum pumps are customizable for air flow, pressure, vacuum up to 29" Hg, inlet/outlet locations, and many other features. Let us know the specs you need or talk with an engineer. We design for manufacturability and employ rapid air compressor prototyping. Your pumps will be delivered on time and on budget with the quality you can expect from TruNorth.

Contact our vacuum pump and air compressor manufacturing company to get pumps delivered to your product's exact specifications.

Jim Gartman
Jim is a 36-year veteran of the compressor and pump industry with specific experience in product design, lab testing, inside sales, field sales, product management, new product development, marketing, sales management, marketing management, and general management. His wide …
Cris Schneider
VP, Engineering
Cris is a 20-year veteran of the compressor and pump manufacturer industry. After obtaining his BSME from Marquette University in 1994, he worked primarily in New Product Development but also held positions in Manufacturing, Marketing, and Sales for Thomas Industries. During this …
Kevin Meyer
VP, Operations
Kevin is a 30-year veteran of the compressor manufacturer industry, with a focus in Materials Management, Operations and Information Technology Management. His cross functional experience has uniquely qualified him to convert external customer and supplier requirements into effecti…
Justin Tharaldson
Mechanical Designer
Justin is a Mechanical Designer with a Mechanical Design Technology degree from Lakeshore Technical College.  He has over 15 years of home building, remodeling experience.  With his wide variety of work experience he brings a high level of mechanical aptitude to…
Rachel Scheidt
Sales Representative
Rachel is a 30- year veteran of the compressor and pump industry with diverse experience in a variety of positions.   With primary focus as a sales and customer service professional, she demonstrates strong motivational, organizational, and interpersonal skills in developing…
Stephen Moretti
Design Engineer
Stephen is new to this company with eight years of experience designing innovative pumps like the ones made at TruNorth.  He believes that extra time spent on good design up front is worth the effort, paying dividends downstream – from manufacturing to customer satisfaction…
Glen Hembel
Assembler/Material Mover
Glen has been involved in a vast array of air compressor processes for the past 27 years.  From assembly to repair and warranty maintenance, Glen now enjoys sharing his skills and the ongoing building process at TruNorth Components.  Glen has been married to Mary for 29 year…
Russ Horning
Russ has been involved in the manufacturing of air compressors for the past 27 years.  From assembly and sound testing to repair and warranty maintenance.  Russ now enjoys sharing his skills and the ongoing building process at TruNorth Components.  Russ has been married…