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Vacuum Pump and Air Compressor Manufacturing Company Vision:

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"Our idea is simple — to restore a small business mindset to the fractional horsepower OEM, oil-less, compressor and vacuum pump market."

Our compressor and vacuum pump business is founded upon the principles of great customer support, personal touch, attention to detail and guiding core values. Most of our customers did not even know an air compressor manufacturing company like TruNorth exists. And when they did they were pleased to find a better fractional horsepower (0 to .9 HP) compressor pump manufacturer alternative.

Most of our customers have previously had their compressor pumps supplied from some of the big name companies who do not know you by name or care about your business goals and timelines. Other vacuum pump/air compressor companies forcefully try to make you adapt your product to their pumps. We adapt/customize our pumps to meet the precise configurations of your product.

Large Compressor Pump Manufacturers Don’t Care About Your Goals, Timelines, and Budgets

Compressor PumpWe've had experience working with large air compressor and pump manufacturing companies and have talked to many of their dissatisfied customers - these large companies do not care about your small to medium sized business. When you call them they know very little about your product and are not concerned about your budget or timelines.

Why OEM’s are Flocking to Our Air Compressor and Vacuum Pump Company

Small to medium sized OEM businesses continuously choose and stick with TruNorth as their compressor pump supplier. We listen carefully and intelligently to the needs of YOUR project from the moment you call us. Our skilled compressor pump engineers will work with you to provide the solution perfectly suited for the product you are developing or manufacturing. We take the time to make an in-depth analysis of your unique situation.

Air Compressor Pumps Specifically Designed for Your Unique Products

Once we determine the appropriate air flow - to up to 10 Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM), pressure, inlet and outlet positions, and other important specifications of your project, we make sure your pumps or compressors are delivered on time and on budget. We care about our customers and your success is as important to us as it is to you. We focus on customer care and attention to detail for the small and medium sized OEM business. Only by contributing to your product’s success can we retain your ongoing business.

It is not our desire or goal to become a billion dollar business serving large volume clients. When a customer is too large, attention is diverted from personal care for ALL customers. This has been the experience of all the small to medium sized original equipment manufacturers we have talked to who use the large suppliers. As the owners we want to be personally involved with every project and get to know your business.

Everything we do in our business is guided by our 5 core values which we promise to hold.

TruNorth's 5 Core Values


Being ethically and morally unyielding and honest; inspiring trust by saying what we mean and matching our behaviors to our words while taking responsibility for our actions.

Provide Value

Providing a high level of value, enabling customers to succeed in business and associates to succeed in life.


Respecting individualism while promoting the strength of the collaborative effort.


Building a business which understands and fulfills its opportunities and responsibilities to positively affect the lives of its customers, suppliers, associates and the local community.


Just compensation for all members of the team which reflects and respects their demonstrated contribution.

Call us today to talk with a knowledgeable and experienced air compressor and vacuum pump manufacturer who will discuss the specific needs of your product.