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The Importance of a Reliable Vacuum Pump Supplier

Most pump manufacturing companies will make you customize your products to fit their pumps. TruNorth is different - we customize our pumps to fit your products.

Making sure that your vacuum pump or oilless air compressor is sized, fitted, and perfectly crafted to your individual specifications is critical to prototype industrial OEM applications. In fact, having a properly constructed compressor exponentially impacts the effectiveness of your product as a whole! This is why TruNorth Components is the nation’s top supplier of custom designed high quality compressors.

We design, manufacture and collaboratively apply fractional (0-.9) horsepower oil-less compressors and vacuum pumps for OEM applications. TruNorth air compressors and pumps are durable, reliable, and maintenance free. We willl customize your air compressor CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute), vacuum, air pressure (Up to 160 PSI), voltage requirements (AC/DC), and more.

Custom OEM Pump Manufacturing Capabilities

OEM Oil Less Compressor Pump for Sale
Check out our numerous custom built oil-less air compressor options.

Some of the benefits of having your oilless compressors custom built include:

  • A better quality finished product
  • Better sizing
  • Component placement
  • Specific PSI and airflow requirement benefits

Custom Fit Fractional Horsepower Vacuum Pumps for OEM Companies Nationwide

Our team of compressor experts will work with you personally to determine what type of compressor you need, what size best fits your product, determine where you would like the input/output outlets, and create an overall custom manufactured compressor pump that is tailored specifically for YOUR company.

Our Newly Released LP Series Compressor & Vacuum Pump Single-head Unitary Piston Technology provides the following key benefits:

  • Long service free life
  • Low vibration & sound level
  • Low operating temperatures
  • Low power consumption
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Restart against load (optional)

Our oil-less vacuum pump suppliers have custom designed compressor pumps and equipment for a wide range of industrial fields, and provide a customer service experience that is unmatched by even our closest competitors. We understand the importance of customer satisfaction, which is why we always do our best to collaborate with you as a team to create a product that is both flawless in both functionality and design.

Air Compressor and Vacuum Pump Applications

Unlike other air compressor suppliers, TruNorth Components will custom make quality compressor and vacuum pumps engineered specifically for your company. We eliminate the unnecessary stress and overall awkwardness of having to design your entire product around the base model compressors that we have to offer. This ensures that you can create an item that is up to your individual specs and is crafted exactly the way you want it.

Our fractional horsepower compressors carry with it our guarantee of quality, and our reputation for customer satisfaction speaks for itself.

Here are just a few examples of the applications for which our compressor pumps can be used:

Compressor Pump Manufacturing Company Delivering Unmatched Service

This is just a small sampling of what we are capable of doing. Our compressor and vacuum pump engineers can create a customized pump for virtually any OEM application. We provide sincere, sustainable and unmatched total service to our customers. All TruNorth products are proudly designed, assembled, sold and supported from our Plymouth, Wisconsin facility. Contact us today to talk with a knowledgeable and experienced OEM and compressor pump engineer who will discuss the specific needs of your product.

Contact our oil-less air compressor manufacturers to evaluate the needs of your OEM product.