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Vacuum Pumps to 29 inches of Mercury (Hg)

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Custom Fractional Horsepower Pumps

We specialize in creating fractional horsepower oil-less and vacuum pumps that can operate from 0 to 29“Hg (inches of Mercury).  The majority of our vacuum pumps are single stage vacuum pumps best suited for operation at vacuum levels down to 27” Hg.  For applications requiring vacuum levels to 29” Hg, we also offer two stage vacuum pumps.

We can design your OEM vacuum pump to have the desired vacuum pump “Hg, vacuum pump CFM, vacuum pump voltage, and any other specifications you need. 

For a list of applications and their approximate pressure requirements, please vacuum chart below.

Vacuum (Inches HG) Chart of Common Vacuum Pump Applications.

Application Vacuum (Inches Hg) Mercury Air Pressure (PSI) Air Volume (CFM)
Particle Counters 10 - 20 "Hg 5 - 30 PSI Up to 2 CFM
Air Sampling Up to 20 "Hg 5 - 30 PSI Up to 2 CFM
Brake Assist Up to 20 "Hg Up to 100 PSI .3 CFM
Arcade Games Up to 27 "Hg 100 PSIG Up to 10 CFM
De-soldering 20 " Hg   .5 CFM
Gas Analysers 15 "Hg   .1 to 10 CFM
Vacuum Holding Up to 27 "Hg   Up to 10 CFM
Seam Setters 27 'Hg   1 CFM
Aspirators Up to 23 "Hg   .5 CFM
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