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Air Compressor and Vacuum Pump Voltage

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OEM Pumps Manufactured to Your Voltage Requirements

We specialize in creating fractional horsepower oil-less air compressors and vacuum pumps that can operate from 0 to 160 PSI (pounds per square inch) pressure and 0 to 29” Hg (inches of Mercury) vacuum in many different voltages and frequencies:

AC Voltages and Frequencies for stationary applications

  • 115V/60Hz
  • 230V/50Hz
  • 230V/60Hz
  • 100V/50/60Hz

DC Voltages for portable applications

  • 12VDC
  • 24VDC

If you require a voltage/frequency other than those listed above, please contact us and we will customize a fractional horsepower compressor pump solution specifically for your application.  

Contact one of our OEM compressor solution specialists and we will work on a solution meeting your CFM, PSI, and voltage requirements.