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Oil-Less Compressor Pumps for Air Sampling

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TruNorth manufactures quality PSI/CFM oil-less compressor pumps utilized in many common air particle collection and sampling devices. Our custom built and designed air compressors and vacuum pumps are designed with our client’s specifications in mind, and we work directly with you to create a product that is hand-tailored for your individual applications.

Air Flow (CFM)

.5 CFM to 1 CFM Air Compressor Pumps .1 to .25 CFM
.25 to .3 CFM
.3 to .5 CFM
.5 to 1 CFM
1 to 2 CFM

Air Pressure (PSI)

10 to 20 PSI Custom Air Mattress Compressors 1 to 10 PSI
10 to 20 PSI
20 to 30 PSI

Our compressor pumps are designed for a wide variety of air sampling devices and components including:

  • Air quality sample control systems
  • Air particle collection devices
  • Air purifiers
  • Compressors for environmental equipment

Our oil-less compressors are designed with both performance and hassle-free maintenance in mind. We are lightyears ahead of our competitors, many of whom are overseas outfits with no set standards for quality control. TruNorth, however, employs a staff of specialized engineers that will design and configure your custom compressor pump for air sampling and particle collection purposes—designed, machined and assembled in America.

Custom Designed Air Compressor Pump Manufacturer

TruNorth custom designs and builds two different types of PSI/CFM oil-less compressor pumps: piston pumps and diaphragm pumps. Our diaphragm pumps, ideal for 20 PSI-40 PSI purposes, are fantastic for all of your lower pressure needs.

Oilless Compressors for Air Sampling Equipment

We manufacture oil-less air compressors for air sampling equipment.

On the other hand, our piston operated pumps are capable of producing significantly more power, and can be used on applications up to 150 PSI. Our PSI/CFM compressors are all 100% oil-less. Unlike traditional compressors where the piston chamber needs constant lubrication, the cylinder is pre-lubricated with Teflon for permanent lubrication.

Features and Benefits

  • Customizable
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Oil-less Fractional Horsepower
  • Electronically safe
  • Low Operating Temperatures
  • Low Energy Consumption 
  • Maintenance free, with a long, service-free life

This eliminates the need for future oiling, and provides the user with a compressor that requires little to no maintenance. Oil-free compressor designs are intended to be a lighter, more cost effective alternative to traditional cast-iron compressors.

Vacuum Compressor Pump OEM Supplier

Whatever your OEM application, TruNorth will quickly and efficiently design you a working prototype that is built to your standards. It is our goal to provide all of our clients with on time delivery, give exceptional product support, and build your oil-less vacuum pump to your exact specifications. We have custom built and designed pumps for a wide variety of industries, and our clients depend on us for the OEM needs. We design compressors that are built for your product, and not the other way around.

To get the design process started, speak to a TruNorth representative today!