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Compressor Pumps for Air Suspension Systems

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Truck Suspension System Compressor Specs


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TruNorth Delivers Top-Quality, Powerful Air Suspension

TruNorth Air Compressors are Powerful, Dependable and Affordable

Truckers don’t want to mess around when it comes to air suspension. They need a system they can depend on, which is why TruNorth provides custom air compressors specifically for truck air suspension. Our dependable air compressors consistently and dependably deliver .3 CFM air pressure along with 150 PSI air pressure for a reliable ride. 

Air Flow (CFM)

.5 CFM Pumps for Suspension Systems.25 to .3 CFM
.3 to .5 CFM

Air Pressure (PSI)

150 PSI Air Compressors for Truck Suspension Systems 100+ PSI

Air suspension systems come in all shapes and sizes, and so do air compressors from TruNorth. Our engineers will design the exact compressor needed for any air suspension application rather than giving you a generic model from our inventory. There are plenty of reasons to have a top-quality air suspension system. It will be there whenever the driver hits the switches, wants a smooth ride, hauls a heavy load, or needs to fill the tires. Truckers want a system they can trust. TruNorth Components manufactures the finest-quality customized air compressor design, giving your company tight cost control and your trucks extreme durability under virtually all conditions.

Custom Compressor Pump Manufacturer for Air Suspension SystemsTruNorth Air Compressors Keep the Pressure On

The skilled engineers at TruNorth know how to design and deliver exactly what you need for an air suspension system. Each of our air compressors is specifically designed to meet or exceed all customer specifications. TruNorth compressors bring it on with .3 CFM air pressure and 150 PSI.  This dependable performance can be configured any way you need it to meet your product design specs. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Features and Benefits

  • Customizable
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Oil-lessFractional Horsepower
  • Electrically safe
  • Low Operating Temperatures
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Maintenance free, with a long, service-free life

TruNorth quality control (and cost control) are unexceeded by any other manufacturer in the industry. Our air compressors are oil-free, maintenance-free and corrosion resistant. They are electrically safe under all driving conditions. Truckers trust them and so will you. TruNorth has developed an outstanding worldwide reputation for top-quality air compressors, specifically designed to perform in a cost-effective, dependable manner. You can depend on us like you want your customers to depend on you!


.3 to .5 CFM Compressor Pump Applications 100+ PSI Applications

Air Horns

Air Suspension

Bath Tub Seats/Door Seals

Plasma Cutter

Brake Assist

Dental Carts
Air Horns
Air Suspension
Brake Assist
Autoclave Sterilizers
Wind Turbine Brakes
Hamburger Grills
Bus/RV Doors
Floor Cleaning
Arcade Games
Photo Copiers
Copy Machines
Water/Pond Aeration
Contact the design specialists at TruNorth for the exact air compressor needed for your air suspension system.