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Anti-Setoff Spraying

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Anti-setoff spray requires consistent pressure and precise performance. The process itself is simple: a fine powder is sprayed onto the surface of freshly printed sheets to prevent the transfer of wet ink to the back of the next sheet. Anti-setoff spray also prevents printed ink from contacting the wet printed ink film on the back of the sheet above it. If the spray is not evenly applied, you could ruin many sheets.

TruNorth offers low horsepower air compressors to deliver a dependable .5 CFM and 20 PSI for optimal anti-setoff spray performance and accuracy.

Air Flow (CFM)

.5 CFM Air Compressor Pumps for Anti Set-Off Spray.3 to .5 CFM
.5 to 1 CFM

Air Pressure (PSI)

20 PSI Custom Air Compressors for Anti-Setoff Spray10 to 20 PSI
20 to 30 PSI

Each compressor is custom designed to meet the specific needs of your printing production. Our small horsepower compressors have a worldwide reputation for quality, reliability, durability and exacting design. TruNorth Components always meets your exact needs – for design, price and delivery. Your absolute satisfaction is guaranteed.

Durability Guaranteed With TruNorth Air Compressors

Setting Spray for Printing Ink Compressor

Custom designed and engineered air compressor pumps for printing equipment.

Anti-setoff spraying is all about consistent quality and long product life in the print industry. A complicated process, sheet-fed printing projects can often be ruined by irregular clumps of ink particles caused by clogged spray nozzles. Consistent air pressure will help you avoid such difficulties.

TruNorth designers will create custom air comrpessors to give your printing equipment the right amount of air pressure for all your print jobs. Our engineers have decades of hands-on experience to give you the specific design you need.

We manufacture each low/small PSI compressor to meet your design requirements and specifications. We never just recommend a design which we already have. Each design is specifically made for your unique needs. It will perform at the precise levels you require.

TruNorth compressors are oil-less and maintenance-free. They are electrically safe under even in harsh working environments.

For a sample and quote for the precise air compressor you need for anti-setoff spraying, contact the air compressor experts at TruNorth Air Components.