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Arcade Games

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Arcade Game Air Compressors and Vacuum Pumps

TruNorth Customizes Products to Fill Any Need

Our air compressors and vacuum pumps are truly customizable, perfect for use in retro and interactive games. Whether you need it to fit an old cabinet or the latest gaming system, our products live up to the job. At TruNorth, we understand the arcade game body has only so much room available for each component, which is why we create custom air compressor/pumps to fit into your gaming console, not the other way around.

Air Flow (CFM)

Custom Built 10 CFM Oilless Pumps for Arcade Games .1 to .25 CFM
.25 to .3 CFM
.3 to .5 CFM
.5 to 1 CFM
1 to 2 CFM
2 to 10 CFM

Air Pressure (PSI)

100+ PSI Compressor Pumps for Games 100+ PSI

The compressors and vacuums are created extremely durable. The last thing you want on your mind while you or your customers are playing a game is parts breaking down. We know arcade games hold a special place in people’s hearts. Our custom compressors and vacuums let you keep playing classic games from your childhood or create new systems for the next generation to enjoy.

TruNorth Guarantees Consistent Output to Ensure Maximum Gaming Entertainment

Air Compressors for Air Hockey Tables

Air compressors are needed in many different arcade games. From shooting games to pinball machines, having the correct and consistent output of pressure is a must. For this reason, TruNorth air compressors are guaranteed to work with the same precision each and every time. The air compressor is also maintenance free, allowing you to stay focused on the game and not the upkeep.

Vacuum pumps are found in a variety of arcade games. Too much or too little power can have a major effect on the gaming experience. This is why our vacuum pumps are created to give the same suction/flow each and every time. Our designers will come up with a custom pump or compressor to give you the exact gaming experience you need.

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