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Vacuum Pumps for Aspirator OEMs

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Aspirators (also called “air ejectors” and “Venturi pumps”) are used in vacuum production and generation in accordance with the Venturi effect. Aspirator original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) require vacuum pumps capable of precise control over air volume and vacuum size. TruNorth Components offers custom vacuum pumps for sale online capable of producing a vacuum up to 23 ‘’Hg (inches of mercury) and an air volume of .5 CFM (cubic feet per minute). Some of our compressor pumps include the .5 to 1 CFM compressor pumps and the 30 to 50 PSI compressor pumps.

Air Flow (CFM)

.5 CFM Compressor Pumps for Aspirators.3 to .5 CFM
.5 to 1 CFM

Air Pressure (PSI)

30 PSI - 50 PSI Aspirator Compressors 30 to 50 PSI

Whether you need a vacuum pump quickly to address a problem or you need a fully customized pump for your scientific needs in the lab, the engineers at TruNorth will have your vacuum pump solution covered.

Aspirator Applications: Science and Beyond

Aspirators are commonly used in science applications, especially in the fields of biology and chemistry. Scientists use aspirators to create a vacuum for liquid or gaseous fluids. Similar to steam injectors, the main difference between the two is aspirators use steam injection with high-pressure air as the fluid. Accuracy is a must in scientific research, which is why TruNorth focuses on creating vacuum pumps with precise air volume control.

Custom vacuum pumps for automated pool cleaners

Precision manufacture. Precision performance.

Aspirators are also used in car diffusers to assist with automobile aerodynamics, automated pool cleaners using pressure-side water flow, and to help air flow in scuba diving regulators. Regardless of how you use a TruNorth vacuum pump, you can be confident using our private labeling to spread your company name.

Superior Vacuum Pump Performance

TruNorth values complete customer satisfaction above all else. As a company providing products and parts to scientists, biologists, and chemists around the world, we offer a comprehensive selection of aspirators and vacuum pumps to meet your basic needs. Our team of vacuum pump experts will also design and create customized pumps for any situation. From start to finish, our engineers will work with you to collaboratively create a customized compressor pump for your needs. Best of all, our pumps do not require maintenance and have long-lasting service lives. Experience the TruNorth difference today.


.5 CFM Compressor Pump Applications  

Autoclave Sterilizers
Chair Lifts
Ice Cream Dispensing
Plastic Welding
Anti-setoff Spray
Fragrance Dispensing
Shampoo Dispensing
Foam Marking
Floor Cleaning
Bus/RV Doors
Hamburger Grills

Contact the vacuum pump specialists at TruNorth Components today.