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Wash Away Worries With Trunorth Air Compressors For Walk-In Bath Tubs And Lifters

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TruNorth Air Compressors help you ensure bathroom safety

Bathroom safety is always a concern for senior citizens and others with physical limitations. TruNorth compressors generate .3 cubic feet per minute (CFM) and a pressure of 30 pounds per square inch (PSI). Our skilled engineers can produce the specific design you need for your line of bathroom safety products, regardless of their size or complexity. We will tailor your air compressor to your exact design. With TruNorth, you never have to adjust your product design to fit the air compressors which we have available. Instead, we will tailor our compressor to your exact specifications, fashioning it to function perfectly as well as being easy for your workers to install.

TruNorth Air Compressors are precisely designed to meet your specifications

Our TruNorth expert design engineers provide the precise custom-design air compressor you require with the finest-quality durability, affordability and performance. Our entire staff is totally devoted to complete customer satisfaction and highest compressor quality throughout the process, from your first contact with us to final delivery. Our engineers have decades of practical design experienced along with the latest in computer assisted design (CAD) technology. You and your customer will be assured of dependable, durable bathroom safety products which will meet the needs of senior citizens for years to come. Construction is oil-free. Corrosion-resistant materials are used with expert design to create a system which is electronically safe and virtually maintenance-free.


.3 CFM to .5 CFM Compressor Pump Applications 30 to 50 PSI+ Applications

Air Horns
Air Suspension
Bath Tub Seats/Door Seals
Plasma Cutter
Brake Assist

Bath Tub Seats/Door Seals
Plasma Cutter
Particle Counters
Air Sampling
Autoclave Sterilizers
For a sample design and quote from our expert design engineers, contact the air compressor experts at TruNorth Air Compressors.