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Brake Assist

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Compressor Pumps for Brake Assist Applications

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Brake assist requires reliable pneumatic compressor pumps to function when needed. Air compressor pumps from TruNorth Components deliver air pressure up to 100 PSI, air volume up to 1 CFM, and vacuum pressure up to 27” Hg for brake assist applications. Brake assist performance relies heavily on pneumatic air pumps capable of producing consistent air flow at pressure.

What is a Brake Assist System?

A brake assist system (BAS) is automotive technology helping your car to stop in emergency situations. Brake assist works in concert with ABS to help cars avoid preventable collisions. Brake assist learns from driver habits over time so when you slam on the brakes in an emergency, brake assist knows you’re not slowing to stop at a red light and tells your brakes to apply maximum power immediately. Shorter braking distance means fewer auto accidents, making brake assist a no-brainer for any car.

Brake Assist vs Anti-lock Brake System

Brake assist was originally considered an unnecessary add-on to cars – a needless expense to the manufacturer and the consumer. The argument went something like this: “Cars already have anti-lock brake systems (ABS), so why do they need this extra feature?” When Mercedes-Benz introduced it in the mid ‘90s, tests found brake assist shortened brake distance by 45%. Even skilled drivers found their brake distance decrease by 10%. Brake assist is truly life-saving technology.

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Compressor pumps for brake assist applications

TruNorth Components values customer satisfaction above all else in the air compressor pump industry. This includes manufacturing pneumatic pumps for essential automotive technology like brake assist. If you need custom designed vacuum pumps, our air compressor engineers will meet any specifications and deliver a superior product every time. Brake assist is vital in the automotive world, and TruNorth is equally vital in the air compressor pump industry.

Contact the pneumatic compressor pump engineers at TruNorth Components for all you brake assist needs and applications.