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TruNorth Air Compressors for Precise Compression Therapy

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Compression Therapy 1 CFM Up to 10 PSI

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Medical equipment demands precision performance from all components, especially air compressors. People seeking relief from swollen legs, chronic wounds, lymphedema or other similar conditions, can dramatically improve with compression pump therapy. TruNorth air compressors provide the exact 1.0 CFM and up to 10 PSI to assure accurate, dependable and precise performance. The compressor will be designed to meet your exact specifications for peak performance and long product life. TruNorth is proud our air compressors have earned an outstanding reputation for consistent high performance. Each is carefully designed and specifically configured to fit your equipment. TruNorth customizes our pumps to your products, each manufactured to your exact specifications. We never just provide the air compressor which we have on hand. We design – and deliver -- the exact air compressor you need. Our guarantee is you will be completely satisfied in every regard.

Accuracy and Control Guaranteed With TruNorth Air Compressors

Compression therapy is all about accuracy and control. TruNorth design engineers assure both with air compressors which have everything you need to build the finest, most reliable equipment. Our expert product engineers have many years of practical experience, helping our clients overcome all types of air compressor challenges. Our compressors are manufactured under the strictest quality controls. We manufacture each one to meet all of your design requirements and specifications. TruNorth engineers are leading professionals in the air compressor industry. When air compressors from TruNorth are delivered, your production managers will be impressed with their superb quality and design. Each will perform at the precise level you need for maximum compression therapy effectiveness and control. TruNorth compressors are oil-less and virtually maintenance-free. They are electrically safe under all conditions.

For a sample design and quote for the precise air compressor you need for compression therapy, contact the air compressor experts at TruNorth Air Compressors.