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Copy Machines

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Vacuum Pumps for Copy Machine OEMs

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Copy machine OEMs need vacuum pumps capable of precise volume and air pressure control. TruNorth Components offers air pump compressors for sale online designed to consistently produce an air volume of 1.5 CFM and a pressure of between 50 and 100 PSI. A copy machine with varying air volume or pressure will not perform consistently. Whether you need a quick air pump solution or you’re looking for a customized vacuum pump, the engineers at TruNorth have you covered.

Photocopier Air Compressor Pumps Have a Purpose

Copy machines, officially called photocopiers, use vacuum pumps in the “pre-press” stage of photocopying where documents or photos are readied for the actual copying process. Vacuum pumps are also used in copy machines for paper handling during the “press” stage of photocopying. Pumps are used to separate individual sheets in the feeder or to guide sheets through the machine. Photocopiers are ubiquitous in offices. Their operation is essential to business efficiency. A lack of a properly functioning, or an otherwise low quality, vacuum pump can cause issues with the performance of a company’s photocopiers. Profitability can be affected by an improperly working copy machine.

vacuum pumps for copy machines

OEMs Trust TruNorth for Vacuum Pumps

TruNorth emphasizes customer satisfaction above all else. Our team of vacuum pump experts will find you the perfect air pump for your needs. If you need an air pump customized to exact specifications, our engineers make it happen. In either case, our air compressor pumps are manufactured to the highest quality. Our vacuum pumps enjoy a long lifespan and are maintenance-free. Experience the TruNorth difference by ordering the perfect air pump for copy machines.

Contact the vacuum pump specialists at TruNorth Components for all your OEM copy machine needs.