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Dental Carts

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Air Compressor Pumps for Dental Cart OEMs

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Dental cart OEMs require a reliable air compressor pump for dependable performance of their products. The vacuum pump experts at TruNorth Components provide high quality air compressor pumps for dental carts to meet this need. Dental carts require precise volume control of above 1 CFM and an accurate pressure to 125 PSI to properly function. The air pump professionals at TruNorth will help you find the perfect compressor pump solution for dental carts, whether it’s a standard design or a customized model made to meet exact specifications.

dentistry cart with air compressor

Vacuum Pumps in Dental Carts for Proper Oral Hygiene

Professional dentistry requires dental carts for complete oral hygiene. Dental carts feature water and air nozzles, and both are essential to a routine teeth cleaning. Furthermore, many dental carts have a foot pedal for toggling air pressure to the cart for convenience and efficiency. In either case, insufficient or unreliable pressure control results in a hygienist’s inability to provide professional dental care. Poor dental hygiene has been linked to heart disease, diabetes and respiratory problems. Using air pumps from TruNorth can protect against malfunctioning or undependable dental carts, lowering the chance of health problems in dental patients later in life.

Dental Cart OEMs Choose TruNorth for Air Compressor Pumps

Compressor pumps from TruNorth Components are the logical choice for dental cart OEMs. Our pumps are fully customizable by our engineers and come maintenance free. The long service life ensures you won’t be replacing dental cart vacuum pumps very often. 1 to 2 CFM air compressor pumps are electrically safe and are energy efficient. If you’re a dental car OEM, the only choice for air compressor pumps is TruNorth.

For dental cart air compressor pump solutions, contact the vacuum pump engineers at TruNorth Components.