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Foam Marker

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Small Horsepower Air Pumps for Foam Marker OEMs

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Foam marker OEMs need dependable, low horsepower compressor pumps for peak performance of their products. TruNorth Components produces small horsepower pumps with air pressure levels of 20 PSI and air volume levels of 1 CFM, perfect for foam marking applications. Foam marking systems are simply incomplete without a TruNorth air compressor pump.

Foam Marking for Agriculture Industry Applications

Foam marking is a safe method of indicating where you’ve sprayed fertilizer or pesticide on your agricultural crops. Foam marker systems help avoid waste by clearly displaying where areas have been covered and where they have not. Foam marking is biodegradable and environmentally safe, meaning no harm comes to your crops when in use. Efficiency with both time and money is essential to staying profitable in the farming industry.

Foam Marking vs GPS in Farming

While GPS is the preferred method for crop spraying these days, computer-based technology isn’t always reliable. Devices using microprocessors can malfunction, leading to erratic performance. A foam marker, however, is powered by simple and dependable technology – an air compressor.

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While you can’t see the triangulation lines used by a GPS device, you can see the foam dropped by a foam marking system. If a foam marker fails, you know where you left off and don’t have to start over.

Trusted Low Horsepower Air Pump Manufacturer

TruNorth Components specializes in manufacturing air compressor pumps for many purposes. Whether you need high-PSI compressor pumps for wind turbine braking or low horsepower air pumps for foam marking, we will provide the best air compressor pump for your needs. We will create a custom designed air pump if you have specific requirements. The only thing rivaling our exceptional quality compressor pumps is our customer service.

Contact the small horsepower air compressor pump professionals at TruNorth Components today for all your foam marking needs.