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Trunorth Air Compressors For Fragrance Dispensing Are A Breath Of Scented Air!

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TruNorth Compressors add the aroma of success for fragrance dispensers

The best fragrance dispensers are effective, durable, maintenance-free and silent. Our air compressors from TruNorth are designed to help you deliver all these benefits and more, all cost effectively. Our air compressors deliver a steady, reliable .5 CFM along with pressure of twenty pounds per square inch. Your fragrance dispenser is sure to have the durability, quality and performance needed to provide complete satisfaction to your customers. TruNorth design engineers are dedicated to designing and manufacturing the precise air compressor you need, and in the exact configuration you need it. Our stringent quality control standards are always in place, assuring the highest level of accuracy and dependability.

TruNorth Compressors are perfectly designed for long, dependable life

An excellent advantage for a manufacturer of fragrance dispensers is the long life of the product as well as its reliability. TruNorth air compressors fit the bill completely. Our products will fit y your design perfectly, each precisely designed and configured to meet your needs. The supply of .5 CFM and 20 PSI is assured. Our compressors are oil-free. They are electronically safe in virtually all conditions. The benefits we provide are always yours in the exact design you require. You will never have to adjust your design. We always adjust ours. TruNorth always seeks to exceed your every need and expectation.


.5 CFM Compressor Pump Applications 20 to 30 PSI+ Applications

Autoclave Sterilizers
Chair Lifts
Ice Cream Dispensing
Plastic Welding
Anti-setoff Spray
Fragrance Dispensing
Shampoo Dispensing
Foam Marking
Floor Cleaning
Bus/RV Doors
Hamburger Grills

Air Beds
Autoclave Sterilizers
Compression Therapy
Blood Pressure Monitoring
Air Sampling
Foam Marking
Shampoo Dispensing
Fragrance Dispensing
Produce Misting
Anti-setoff Spray
Plastic Welding
Bath Tub Seats/Door Seals
Contact TruNorth today for a production quote on the exact air compressor you need for steady and dependable air pressure for your fragrance dispenser.