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Particle Counters

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When It Comes To Particle Counting, Count On TruNorth Compressors

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For the most part, particle counting is based on light scattering, light obscuration or direct imaging. Each process demands incredible precision, reliability and consistency. Those requirements are made to order for small horsepower compressors from TruNorth Components. Our units are individually tailored to each customer’s application delivering a steady and dependable up to 2 CFM and ten to twenty inches of mercury. TruNorth low horsepower compressors have earned an excellent worldwide reputation for providing the exact performance needed for even the most demanding application. Not only will our compressors meet your performance requirements but they will also be specially designed for efficient assembly by your workers.

Each TruNorth Compressor Is Uniquely Designed To Your Specs

TruNorth knows how to meet the most stringent customer requirements. Our design engineers have incredible skill and experience. They have been designing top-quality low/small PSI compressors for years, establishing a superb reputation for quality and expert design. Each TruNorth small horsepower compressor is oil-less. Over its long product life, it will require almost no maintenance. It will be electrically safe in virtually all environments. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed regarding performance, price and prompt delivery. We will meet your specs and we will meet your delivery schedule. For the precise pneumatic compressor you need, specifically tailored to your requirements, contact the skilled design engineers at TruNorth Components.

Contact TruNorth Components today for a custom-designed low horsepower compressor for your exact particle counting needs.