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Compressor Pump for OEM Plasma Cutters

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TruNorth Air Compressors Deliver Consistent Performance 

TruNorth Air Compressors deliver a consistent 40 PSI pressure and .3 CFM air volume needed for a plasma cutter to deliver maximum production efficiency and accuracy. Plasma cutting is precise and exacting, using compressed air blown out of a nozzle with an electrical arc to the surface being cut. The compressed air turns into plasma, hot enough to melt the metal and fast enough to blow away the excess. Whatever your required specifications, each TruNorth Compressor will be specifically designed to meet your needs. You will never have to adjust your plasma cutter design to suit our compressors. Our expert design engineers will create the exact design you need to fit your product, using one-piece flow assembly. We will meet or exceed all of your requirements, from design to delivery deadline. Cost will be controlled to meet your budget. No other air compressor manufacturer can match the care, accuracy and quality of TruNorth. You will be continually informed of each production step along the way. We guarantee the highest level of quality. 

TruNorth Air Compressors are Maintenance-Free, Top Performers 

TruNorth engineers will design and deliver the exact air compressor you need for the finest performance, unmatched product life and maintenance-free operation. Each is specifically designed to be exactly what you need at the price you want to pay.

Plasma Cutting Compressor Pumps for OEM Manufacturers

Our skilled TruNorth technicians make sure durability, quality and peak performance all come standard! Our staff has earned an outstanding industry reputation for complete customer satisfaction combined with the highest possible standards of product quality. Our engineers are true professionals in every sense of the word. They will provide the finest-quality air compressors, no matter your manufacturing needs, no matter how many you need, and no matter when they are required. Your customers will be assured of plasma cutters with an exceptional product life, unmatched durability and productivity along with a superb level of quality. Our air compressors are corrosion-resistant and oil-free. They are electrically safe even under the most extreme work environments. 

Features and Benefits

  • Customizable
  • Fractional Horsepower
  • Low Operating Temperatures
  • Oil-less
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Electrically safe
  • Low Energy Consumption 
  • Maintenance free, with a long, service-free life


.3 to .5 CFM Compressor Pump Applications 30 to 50 PSI Applications

Air Horns

Air Suspension

Bath Tub Seats/Door Seals

Plasma Cutter

Brake Assist

Plasma Cutter

Particle Counters

Air Sampling

Bath Tub Seats/Door Seals

Autoclave Sterilizers

Contact our plasma cutter compressor engineers at TruNorth for the exact air compressors you need delivered to your exact plasma cutter specifications.