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Air Pumps for OEM Seam Setters

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Top Quality Compressor Pumps for Seaming and Leveling

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Seam setter OEMs demand accurate air compressor pumps for reliable seam setting. Seaming is a delicate and exacting process requiring first rate tools, including a dependable vacuum pump. A mistake can damage the materials being used. TruNorth Components makes the perfect pump for seaming. Running between 1 and 2 CFM (cubic feet per minute), our air compressor pumps are customizable to a customer’s requirements. Whether you’re working with marble or metal, we have the perfect air compressor to help you get the job done right.

Let our engineers adapt air pumps to address whatever needs you have. In terms of both performance and price, we’ll meet whatever terms are laid out. Beyond fully customized air pumps, our products feature easy installation and are energy efficiency. A low operating temperature and low energy use means a bigger profit for you. Total customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Air Compressors Designed for Superior Performance

TruNorth strives for exceptional products and services. Our business is dependable components for OEMs. Unreliable volumetric capacity makes accurate seaming difficult, if not outright impossible. We have high quality air pumps, whether you need industrial air compressors for your company or you need a single unit for small commercial use. No two seams are the same. We know this, and we design air pump to fit any job you have.

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