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Air Compressor Pumps for Wind Turbine Brakes

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Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of wind turbine brakes need air compressor pumps able to precisely control air pressure for dependable wind turbine performance. Wind power generated from turbines is an important renewable energy source, and turbine braking is an essential aspect of reliable turbine operation. The air compressor pump professionals at TruNorth Components can design customized air pumps capable of handling 100 PSI (pounds per square inch) and 1 CFM (cubic feet per minute), the kind of exact specifications wind turbine brakes require.

Wind Turbine Brake Essential to Turbine Performance

Wind turbine brakes using pneumatics need an air compressor pump to properly function. Turbine braking is an important aspect of turbine performance. Left unchecked, a turbine’s rotation is entirely dependent and controlled by the wind. If the wind gusts, the blades spin too quickly and can overpower the turbine. If the wind dies down too much, the blades won’t spin fast enough to generate power or won’t generate power efficiently. An air compressor pump can help to regulate the blades’ speed in either case, allowing a consistent nominal power output. Turbine brakes are also used to stop blades during maintenance.

Top Quality Air Compressor Pump Performancewind turbines

TruNorth Components offers only the best in air compressor pumps for OEMs. Total customer satisfaction is our chief priority. The experts at TruNorth can fully customize air pumps for whatever needs you have. You give us your specifications and we’ll give you the perfect air compressor pump. It’s that simple. Our air pumps come maintenance-free and a long operational lifespan. Let our 80+ years of experience improve your products today.


1 CFM to 2 CFM Compressor Pump Applications 100 PSI+ Applications

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Dental Carts
Air Horns
Air Suspension
Brake Assist
Autoclave Sterilizers
Wind Turbine Brakes
Hamburger Grills
Bus/RV Doors
Floor Cleaning
Arcade Games
Photo Copiers
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Water/Pond Aeration
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